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Introduction to Judaism

For individuals and couples who desire to learn more about their Judaism. ALL ARE WELCOME!
Yes, this course fulfills one of the requirements toward converting to Judaism!

You should take this class if you are...

‣ Considering converting to Judaism (This class will prepare you for conversion)
‣ In an interfaith relationship and want to learn more about Judaism
‣ Looking for a way to live a fuller and richer Jewish life
‣ Seeking to understand what your children already know about Judaism and Jewish culture
‣ Interested in a Jewish education “refresher”

Class Schedule - Coming Soon


*A certificate of completion of the entire series is a prerequisite for conversion. Additional fees may apply for those wishing to complete the conversion process.

**This class is taught in partnership with the Louis & Judith Miller Introduction to Judaism Program at American Jewish University

This is a comprehensive overview of Jewish thought, history and theology. To make this course as rewarding as possible and to maximize everyone’s learning experience, I will assign weekly reading assignments. I will send out the first assignment and list of books in my next email to you.

The fees for the course are as follows:
$250/per person, paid after the first free introductory class.


  • Harold Kushner, To Life! A Celebration of Jewish Being and Thinking (1994)
  • NJOP Hebrew Primer – distributed first day of class


  • Joseph Telushkin, Jewish Literacy: Revised Edition (2001)
  • Raymond Scheindlin, A Short History of the Jewish People (2000)
  • Irving Greenberg, The Jewish Way: Living the Holidays (1988)
  • Abraham Joshua Heschel, The Sabbath (1951)

Online readings can be found at intro.aju.edu/readings