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TBS Goes Virtual With Zoom Video Conferencing

A Message From Rabbi Rosenstein

This is one of many missives you will be receiving as you and I learn and become more proficient with Zoom. I know I can count on each of you to stay patient and to consider this an unexpected  learning experience. How to Zoom   What you need: 

You need a computer with a camera, and microphone. (Or a plug in/or bluetooth device with a microphone. If you don’t have a good microphone, you can get a good and inexpensive one online at Amazon or skullcandy.com. Jib brand with mic works well. It’s about $9.99. 
Your smart phone will work.
Tablet or iPad with front facing camera and microphone will also work.

From your computer
You will click on the link I provide you. 
Remember we will all see each other and what is behind us. If you want to come to shul in your jammies, ok, but I hope they are cute and clean! Wearing Shabbat clothes would be better for the sacredness of Shabbat, your mental health and certainly mine.
From your  Phone or Tablet
You will need to download the Zoom APP.  Go to your APP Store.  The image should look something like one of these:

For those with Galaxy or iPhones, it is called Zoom for Cloud Meetings. Yours may be called Zoom Meetings, whatever it is called it will have Zoom in the title and have the logo above. Read the description and download it. 
Then you can click the link I will send you. It will automatically open the Zoom app and you will enter our “meeting.” 
Our very own Gwen Schlumbolm has offered to help anyone who needs help getting Zoom set up on their devise. You may call her directly at 951 970-5389. Also take advantage of your children and grandchildren. This is child’s play for them – hard to believe but true.

Thank you, stay well and keep washing those hands,

Rabbi Sandy Rosenstein