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A Brief Survey – (EXTENDED, Please RSVP 11-02-18)

This is the last week to participate in our survey about Friday night services. If you can’t highlight in red, don’t worry. Simply send a separate email to info@tbstemecula.org with your responses. Thanks to those who have already responded. It would help the shul if we could get more feedback from the rest of the congregation, even if you are not a Friday night regular.

We are considering changing to a meat-free/vegetarian/vegan pot luck dinner/Shabbat service format held in different people’s homes. We would call the pot luck for 6:30pm and begin services at 7:30pm. This is what we did for Shabbat Sukkot at Karen and Mark’s. It was very successful. Our service was brief, but not abbreviated. Please aid us in refining our plan by filling out the survey below and emailing it back to info@tbstemecula.org. within the week.


1. How many week’s in a month would you like us to schedule in-home pot luck Shabbat dinners and services? 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. Please highlight in RED the number that best represents your preference.

2. Would you be interested in offering your home for one of these services? Y  N (highlight in RED)

3. Would you prefer to have the pot luck meal and service in the synagogue? If so, how many weeks per month? 1,   2,   3,   4 (highlight in RED)

Would you prefer to leave the Friday night service as it is?   Y    N (highlight in RED)

Thoughtful comments and/or questions would be appreciated. Use the space below.